Useful extras to help you on your journey

Helping you heat your meals so you can enjoy the view

Enjoy Your Meal

We can provide you with a outdoor heating pack, which contains 1 mini stove and 10 Fuel Tablets. This lightweight and reusable mini stove will allow you to heat and eat your meals over a period of time without adding extra weight to your bags.

Reusable with
10 Fuel Tablets
& Matches
Heat - Eat - Enjoy
Anytime - Anywhere
Purify and store water

Stay hydrated

Depending on the environmental conditions a human can only survive a few days without drinking water, so it is essential that you can purify and store water on your journey.

Chlor Floc Water Purification Powder can disinfect water and also clarify it. It has the ability to eliminate various bacteria and viruses that could otherwise be a health concern. 

With this water purification solution you can rest assured that you are utilising one of the more effective water treatment solutions on the market today. Various Army and military operations use this water treatment method around the world. 

Fast Acting
Each sachet treats 1 litre of water
Filter through a cotton cloth before drinking
Anytime - Anywhere
Our range of utilities

for the outdoors

Ration Pack Tray
Water Purifying Sachets
Fuel Tablets
Field Ration Eating Device
P-38 Can Opener

SERAC MRE Utilities

Mini Stove 1
Fuel Tablets 1
Matches 1
Bags for Drinks 1
Tin Openers 1
FRED  - Field Ration Eating Device. 1
Water Purifiying Sachet. 4
Zip Lock Field Bag 1
Ration Pack Tray 1


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