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MRE rations for the World 

SERAC is a leading manufacturer and assembler of ration packs

With its head office in Fourways, Johannesburg Serac has become a significant manufacturer and supplier of MRE Ration Packs to both the military and the private sector around the world. We specialise in the manufacture of MRE Meals, soups, porridge, beverages, condiments and utility items.

Serac also assembles packs to client requirements.
Serac has also developed a number of brands which are marketed to the wholesale sector and these include powdered beverages, baking ingredients and soup powders. Serac brands are trusted by consumers in different countries and offer affordable & quality items.
leading manufacturer and packer of ration pack

Specialist Food Manufacturing and Wholesale

Africa's Largest Manufacturer and Assembler of MRE and Ration Packs.

Serac Capabilities:

Serac MRE ( SMRE) is a specialist food manufacturing concern and a manufacturer and assembler of ration packs. Serac has the unique capability to plan menus, manufacture items and assemble the packs.

Ration Pack Numbers:

  • Developing products and packaging according to specification and local taste profiles for use in ration packs.
  • Manufacture approximately 80% of the individual items required for ration packs in uniquely designed packaging.
  • Through agreements with third parties Serac offers specialist products such as MRE meals.
  • Produce these packs at approved facilities by health authorities and Halaal at Serac premises.
  • Blend and pack more than 1 000 000 sachets per day.
  • Assemble 18 000 ration packs per day.

About Us:

  • 29000 square foot Factory
  • Location: Kya Sands Johannesburg
  • Close to Lanseria Airport for easy distribution
  • World class manufacturing capabilities
  • State of the art food technologies


After considerable research into cultures, tastes and preferences serac offers meal choices to appeal to differing tastes and with traditional meal accompaniments such as maize porridge ( pap) maize kernels ( samp)  in additional to our long life wraps and rice provide delicious meals. The range of products provide complete nutrition to suit the taste profiles individuals from African, European and Middle Eastern countries in operational and leisure environments.
Savory Mince
Chicken Curry
Beef Curry and Beans
Mutton Stew

Cuisine for African and Middle Eastern profiles

It is a known fact that opperational personnel prefer to eat food to suit their local taste profiles.

In selecting the range of items offered to individuals from the African, European and middle Eastern areas, considerable research was undertaken to identify food groups, ingredients and spices used in the different areas in the preparation of the food.

Furthermore the food types were investigated and items were selected to suit the MRE format. The menus were also formulated to suit local taste and menus can be adjusted to account for added chili and spice.

Our Food:

  • Certified Halaal 
  • Highest quality Beef used
  • Meals prepped in accordance with ISO 2002 and FFSC
  • In-house laboratory testing to ensure meal quality and independent government testing of every batch
  • Guaranteed Freshness

MRE Users

MRE are sold primarily to the military but over time significant markets have developed for individuals and companies purchasing the items for personal use, operations, disaster relief and everyday convenience.
Disaster Relief
Personal Use

Top 3 Most Asked Questions

1. What about gluten, nuts, sugar or other allergies?
Our products are NOT guaranteed nut, sugar or gluten free. Wheat, sugar and nut byproducts are found in some meal items. 
2. What is the shelf-life of an MRE?
The shelf life is 5 Years, assuming they are stored at 55°F. If stored at a higher or lower temperature this can be shortened or lengthened. 
3. Can I choose the meals I want in a case?
The case configurations are preset. This is necessary to allow us to meet product import guidelines and packaging requirements while bringing the product to market at a reasonable price.

SA Defense Force 24 hour ration pack


Nutritious Long Shelf Life Meals for Security & Tactical Environments

24 Hour pack MRE
The 24 hour pack is formulated to provide 3000 to 3600 KCAL and follows the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner formats with a range of meals, beverages and snacks to compliment the main entrees.

A typical pack would include porridge oats or granola for breakfast, tea or coffee, crackers cheese and biscuits. The main meal would have an entrée and a starch with an energy bar or fruit.

The evening meal could also include a soup, an entrée and a snack with tea and coffee to follow


United Kingdom and Europe

  • SERAC MRE LTD 3/16 Grassington Road. Eastbourne, Sussex, BN20 7BP, UK

  • Keiron Francis
  • +44 13 236 41274

  • +44 79 7618 7734

Middle East and ASIA

  • 901 Capricorn Tower

  • Rani Khoury
  • +971 4 352 4749

  • +9627 7 5111112

South America

Head Office

Serac Nutritional Products (Pty) Ltd

  • Suite 461, Postnet Rivonia, X033, Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2128

  • +27 10 443 7800

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