SNP Ration Packs and Disaster Relief packs

This division formulates and packs a range of products for ration pack requirements Here products are formulated and packed to the specification of differing clients. Our products meet the standards required by the SANDF Products include porridge, instant soup, isotonic drink mixes, energy bars, coffee sachets, sugar sachets, sugar free gum.


A mix of protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre and vitamins this porridge provides a complete balanced meal. Available in 6 flavours

Instant soup

This product provides a nutritious snack with added protein and fat

Lactose free drink mix

This shake mixes easily and has a combination of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins for a on the go meal. Available in 8 flavours

Isotonic drink mixes

Ideal for individuals who are involved in strenuous activities, the isotonic mix contains carbohydrates, vitamins and electrolytes to replace nutrients lost during exercise. The formula is easily absorbed into the body for maximum energy release

Energy bars

The energy bars provide instant energy and vitamins to the individual Available in 7 flavours


Both granular and powdered instant coffees are packed.


We have the ability to produce large volumes of creamer which can be formulated at 20% or 30% fat content


Weights of 5, 6 and 10 g can be packed in both white and brown sugar

Artificial sweeteners

Here Serac is able to formulate a range of artificial sweeteners using differing combinations sweeteners to deliver delicious sweeteners without the calories

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