MRE Ration Packs for Ivory Coast Defence Force

SERAC is a leading manufacturer and assembler of ration packs in both the MRE format as well as using tins for the meals.

During 2015 Serac changed its focus from providing the traditional packs which used tinned products to the introduction of the MRE ( Meal Ready To Eat ) It has pIvory Coast defence force seracioneerd the concept in Southern Africa and today holds the position as the leader in this field. By developing key strategic alliances Serac is able to offer a range of MRE meals to suit the African plette and with Serac's ability to manucfacture and pack ration pack items for Afican Defence Forces in Africa.

After considerable research into cultures, tastes and preferences serac offers meal choices to appeal to Ivory Coast tastes and with traditional meal accompaniments such as maize porridge ( pap) maize kernels ( samp)  in additional to our long life wraps and rice provide delicious meals. The range of products provide complete nutrition to suit the Ivory Coast taste profile.

Our range of Ivory Coast Defence Force MRE products is shelf stable at ambient temperatures for periods of 3 years. They are formulated to sustain individuals for extended periods ranging from a full day, 24 hour, or up to 21 days. We also offer 50 man ration packs suitable for field kitchens.

The products are packaged for convenience, ease of use, rough treatment and provide delicious nourishment to consumers. They are ideal for military maneuvers, security operations, hiking, camping, fishing to name but a few.Serac MRE Accessories 12 Water Purifying Ivory Coast Defence force

Based on the concepts developed by the American Military, Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) is a concept which allows users to choose the type of nutrition that suits their pallate from a range of meals and complementary items. Meals Ready to Eat (MRE's) supplied by Serac have the option of being able to add additional items like sauces to enhance their eating experience.

Serac has the ability to tailor meals and menus for larger orders and  have developed standardised menus for purchase by individuals or smaller customers

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